Thursday, April 06, 2006

Google shares rise from 340 to 410 $ in Two Weeks

Google's shares have had a difficult year. It quadrupled in value since it's IPO in august, 2004. Google got off to a strong start in the beginning of the year, to an all-time high of $475. But then the stock then fell more than 20% on an earnings shortfall and bad PR from it's financial officer, (CFO George Reyes). The earningg shortfall was attributed, also according to Merril Lynch, to an unexpected tax rate for 2005. The weight of this tax anomalie all comes down to the fourth quarter Q4. This should explain this earnings shortfall.

So with no problems, and clear S&P500 skies ahead, the stock finally has come to reason on the matter of 2nd quarter earnings.

This article, according to Reuters,suggests that optimism with investors rises. Investors expects earnings to be on the upside of analysts expectations, which range from 1,82 B to 2,10B $;
Daddy Truth expects anything upward of 2,2 Billion.


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