Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Truth about Iraq and Bush

I never supported this war.

Documentaries can be manufactured. This is also true for the 2004 movie Bush's Brain . In this documentary Karl Rove, as his prime advisor, is deemed to be the greatest force behind any of Bush's electoral decisions.

America had to go into Afghanistan to kick some Taliban behind. They were most responsible for 9/11 as they supported Osama bin Laden, who is of course the mastermind of 9/11, remember?

America didn't have to go into Iraq. That was a decision .... Wether it's a decision based upon the need to win that second-term for Bush (wich he did, being of course 'the war president') we will see.

In a time of billion-dollar presidential campaigns, and continuous media coverage, everything is an electoral issue. And when Bush decided to go to war, he won himself the election.

That's were Karl Rove came into play. "Why not win an election, and get a dictator out of power" he must have thought.

Well, 300.000 Iraqi deaths and 25.000 ( twenty five thousands) young American casualties, and over 2000 of them dead. And a glooming civil war as long as Americans don't return home.
That's why not, mister Rove

So I atleast believe the premise of the movie, wich is that Karl Rove would go to considerable unorthodox (those are the best) lengths to secure a presidential election.
Even a popular/unpopular (who didn't like Saddam to go?) war.


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