Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Truth about Google and stocks

I have a $ stake in google so my judgement could be clouded on the subject.
Then again, maybe I did more research on this then some previous bloggers.

In any case I wouldn't have held back the truth on this matter.

Now check this...

Comments from the latest Google Analyst Day steer to 100% in revenues growth year to year, starting 1st quarter 2006.

This makes 2.24 billion in revenues from 1.12 billion a year earlier. Analyst exspectations are short of 2 billion. that's ...ehrm... 10%, over 200 million dollars extra, in this quarter alone.

Google's stock moves since 1,5 years ago (has it just been that long?) were eventually based
on the earnings that came , and are coming (?), through.
(Check back in April)

IMPORTANT: Only in the short run is google's stock movement a popularity contest;
missing/beating exspectations from banks are the MAIN movers of the market,
as well as upgrades or downgrades from the same numbercrunchers , wich in this case, LUCKILY, don't get guidance)

Why is guidance bad? you ask...

This means that the quarterly outlook from the world's best stock computermodel/analyst, isn't better then anyone elses outlook that 'invests' in Google's business model.
Google's stock price indeed has gone up fourfold over 2 years.
This just means "the most visited website/15th largest supercomputer" is now worth 100 billion, to borrow against/make deals.

Google needed this money badly , for various ventures, being of course a Nasdaq GROWTH company.
Not just that. It needed it because it's the only worlwide name in internet. end of sentence.

Google is a media company. it delivers interactive content while showing advertising. Over 123 pageviews a month, for at least 69 million unique viewers each. Preselected for gender,income, and, most importantly, affects, instantaneously when anyone enters an 'Adword' into the searchbox...


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